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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Vietnam Travel Guide (Under 60 K per Person)- Part 2 - Central & South Vietnam

Hello There , 

If you have returned to read Part 2 of our Vietnam Travel Guide , then Happy to have you hear .
If you have not  read the Part 1 - North Vietnam , we would recommend you Read that  first !
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Itinerary : 
Day 6 : Took a Overnight Train from Ninh Binh to Danang
Day 7 : Danang to Hoi An  ,Walk around in Hoi An Ancient Town 
Day 8 : Cycle Around the Ancient town , Site Seeing , Exploring cafes , Evening Food Street 
Day 9 : Go for a Spa Session , Evening Shopping / Boat Ride & so on in Ancient Town 
Day 10 : Early Morning Flight From Danang Airport to Saigon , Sight Seeing & Exploring Food in Saigon , District 1
Day 11 : Last Minute Sovenir Shopping and Last Coffee Stop , Evening Fly Back to India 

Lets Begin our Story from Central & South Vietnam

Central Viet is blessed with Historical & cultural sights, stretches of pristine beaches  Riddled with hundreds of Unique caves including the worlds biggest cave – Son Dong cave  .

For us however  Biggest highlight was  the unique heritage grace of the riverside jewel – Hoi an .

Destination 4 : Hoi An  : Recomended Min 3 Days

You just cant escape the charm of Hoi an , no matter what season !
The Sunshine Mustard yellow walls of the heritage buildings  , the colorful  ambient glow of the lanterns , cafes & shops dotting the full stretch of the Au bon river . Seas of crowd  yet a laid back vibe engulps you and makes you loose track of time . 

5 Must see / Do

  • Stroll / Bycycle inside world heritage ancient town of Hoi an . -
  • Try the complex cuisine of Central Vietnam and  hang out in  cafes and  riverside pubs
  • Shop / Eat / Click Pictures in Night Market
  • Go for a Spa Session
  • Get out of ancient town and head  out for a coconut boat ride or visit the near by My son  sanctuary

Other Places in Central Vietnam : 

If you are into Caves and adventurous activities , you just can not miss Phong Nha ke bang National park .

Housing the worlds oldest karst mountains with numerous cave systems . It was so hard for us to cut out Phong nha Ke Bang  from our itinerary but we decided to settle with Hoi-an for this time .

Hue is the ancient capital-, well preserved temples , pagodas and tombs lie around in every corner . The history buffs shouldn’t miss this

Destination 5 : Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City: Recommend Min 2 Days

Southern Vietnam , I had heard mostly about southern Vietnam – Specifically Saigon & Mekong delta before we dug deep during our planning for the trip .

So Even if it were for a day we decided to  fly here for the food .

5 Must do / See

1.        Eat a lot of gr8 food ,  the cuisine down south is more suitable for the Indian palate due to the use of  spices and slightly spicy broths & sauces

2.        Go to Post office for the French architecture but don’t forget to return with the cutest souvenirs

3.        Nail Salon- Vietnam is very popular for Nail art , Specially Saigon has many Nail Bars

4.        Insta worthy pink church

5.        Local culture & community vibe of the city dwellers at the walking street, District 1

Stay a day or two Stay longer , eat more and visit Mekong delta .. one of the richest  flora fauna on earth if time permits
Other places of interest is surely the desserts of Mue ne & untouched pristine off shore Nha trang or Phuc quo  or the highlands of Dalat which fall somewhere in between south & central Vietnam . 

That brings an end to our guide on must sees & itinerary of the highlights of Vietnam . 

A perfect 10 full days trip of a lifetime to  wonderfully versatile Vietnam .
The people , local culture, lifestyle , unforgettable food and unique landscapes stole a piece of our heart .
We usually don’t prefer to visit  the same places again  too soon  as the world is big and lots to see.
But Vietnam we sense it in our hearts that we will return soon . 

If you have read it till here , Thank you and we would be most delighted if our Blogposts help you in planning your travel to  Vietnam . 
Drop us a Dm On our Instagram Handle for any queries or comment below in the comment section . 

Happy Travels

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