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Saturday, May 23, 2020

6 New Restaurants In Bangalore You Must Try in 2020

Only thing i like better than talking about Food is eating - John Walters

Due to the current Corona Crisis , we can not eat out sadly , so lets talk about it, What say ?
Slowly F & B Industry is trying to get back on track and gearing up to open or at least start delivering by taking all safety precautions .
We did couple of polls on our IG handle recently asking everyone which places they wanted to go to #postlockdown . Many responded with their regular hangouts or very popular places which have been in the city since some time .


So we decided to curate a list of new places we enjoyed eating out #prelockdown -mostly in the months of Dec , Jan & Feb and a bit of March beginning.

Note : The list is in no particular order of preference .
Hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to add lot of other new places we liked that you all should check out in 2020 as continuation to this post. For Now we would like to recommend - 6 New Restaurants in Bangalore you must try !

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1. Lucky Chan
Lucky chan - food & drink

First Conveyor Belt Sushi place in Bangalore !
Also with a long list of Dim sums will have you wanting to visit soon to try .
A chic place with few Kawaii influences in decor , Situated on 100 Ft Indiranagar

Must try :
Drink : Beer Cocktails
Dimsums - Dont miss the cream cheese & chilli Oil ,Prawn dimsum in butter garlic sauce
Sushi - Spicy Tuna , Asparagus cream cheese
Other dishes - Chilled Coconut Tofu with Wasabi Ponzhu, Corn Cakes
Dessert : Japanese Mochi Icecream

1.Sushi Train Experience
2.Vast menu with lot of unique Chinese & Japanese dishes to choose from

2. Punkah House
punkah house

Look and feel of a british Raj elite club .
They have tried to reinterpret the memories &emotions that evoke the charm of the old world and india's culinary past.
The Commitment to the concept is evident in d├ęcor, food & drinks .

Must try :
Qtr Plates : Foxnut Jhalmoori ,Karachi Spiced Lotus Root
Small Plates : Sweet Potato Chops , Crispy Whit Bait
Large Plates : Hoppums – 1. Asparagus & water chest nut
2. Old Bombay brain scrabmle ,
Stuffed Flat breads
Desserts : Toffee Cheese cake , In house Sorbets
Drinks : Gin & tonic – Varieties

1. Very delish & interesting twists to Indian cuisine,
2. Ambience /Decor

3. Dofu
chuka cuisine

If you are into Pan Asian food , You have to go to Dofu .
They have brought Chuka Specials to Bangalore
Basically Chuka cuisine is the Japanese dishes served in Japan by Chinese Restaurants which is a interesting blend of cuisines and is trending in other parts of the world .
They also serve Japanese , chinese & Korean Dishes

Must Try :
Gimbaps & Chuka Sushi Rolls - Some of the best we have ever tried . Loved it
Steamed Plates & their Grills - An interesting mix of dishes

Not so common Asian dishes , Chuka Cuisine

4. Kappa Chakka Kandhari 

KCK , is that place you have to head to get a taste of authentic #keralafood in #bengaluru

A mix of Homestyle Cooking , Toddy Shop Specials & Regional Favorites which is a rare gem to find outside Kerala

Must Try :
Drink : Absolute Kandhari
Food :Puttu Biryani , Prawn Kizhi,Kozhuva Fry
Dessert : Cloud Pudding

Such a well curated Vast menu with authentic and Delish Kerala Cusine .
Small Portions at less Prices so you can try more varieties

5. Pebble

You have to head to Pebble and experience Teppanyaki and the other Japanese food  in a beautiful garden setting .
Perfect special date place .
The Kitchen on table experience is fun

Must try :
Teppanyaki unlimited menu

Kitchen on Table in a Outdoor green setting

6. Raahi


Modern Indian Cuisine
Very Innovative Cocktails & food
Very Chic & Elegant ambience

Must Try :
Small Plates : Bheja fry Dosa , Seafood Soup
Large Plates : Yak Cheese Daatchi , Duck Do Pyaaza with figs and chilli Naan
Dessert : Coconut , Milk 5

Many interesting Techniques , Twists & ingredients used to amp up and make indian food very novel and modern .

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Curating this post got me drooling :-)
There you go , that was our List of 6 New Restaurants you must Try in Bangalore in 2020 .
Do Bookmark this post for when all this is over .
Lets hope we can all freely go out and explore these great places , eat drink , have fun & socialize like before !
If you have tried any new restaurants not part of this list , do let us know in the comments .

Here is us at BE. hoping for better times for all of us !
Much Love ,


Happy to hear from you!