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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Top 10 Desserts in Bangalore Restaurants , 2018

As the year comes to an end  its common to reflect on the year that went by .
For Bangalorexpress it was a wonderful year . Thank you for all the support .

Some of you might know i used to do a series called High Five Low Five – Restaurants every year since 2013 in the end of December  . I might have probably skipped it some years as our favorites didn’t change.
But Since it’s the 5th year  since I started this series , I  decided to switch things up a little bit and end this year on  a sweet note by bringing to you my personal  Top 10 desserts of 2018 .

2018 has been a year of amazing launches in the restaurant scene in Blore  and we mostly don’t leave a place without trying some desserts :-)
You must have heard the saying life is short have dessert first , so we are here to help you  ;-)

Criteria for Selection (Does not include standalone dessert shops)
  1. Memory – the dessert that  stayed in the memories and had us raving for the longest time . As its said count the memories not the calories 
  2. Taste – Obvious , but with deserts , we cant help but be a bit biased since some flavours we love more than others – Caramel & Nutella is my all time favourite but flavours like matcha & avocado kinda make me drool a lot . If you are like me you will not be disappointed with this Top 10 List. 
  3. Presentation 
  4. Novelty
  ******* DRUM ROLLS ********

1. Avacado Parfait with Gooey Brownie & Matcha Soil at 1Q

Raved about this the longest time  . So beautifully presented . I remember we pounced on it like it was a pot of free gold .
 I know where I am heading soon In 2019.
It tasted great with a nice play of interesting flavours and textures that went very well together .
Even their cheese cake was melt in the mouth and a table favorite.

Avacado Parfait with Gooey Brownie

Classic Cheese Cake with Sour Cherry Coulis 

2.Malva Pudding with vanilla Ice cream at Galitos 

In a place like Galitos you might miss checking  the desserts section but must order this one . Loved this to bits because  of the delicious toffee sauce and the moist cake  . Must try for caramel lovers like myself.
Galitos being an African grilled chicken joint has rightly put Malva pudding to their menu as its origin is from south Africa .

Malva Pudding

2.Baileys Cheese Cake at Bier Garten, Kormangala 

 Tie at No 2 , Newly launched Bier Garten in Kormangala really surprised us with their cheese cake . On the launch day they didn’t plonk a slice of cheese cake on the plate and handed it down to us . instead it’s a coffee liqueur scented cheese cake  with a side of caramel sauce , Italian meringue and nut crunch  . It was a really   creamy & light cheese cake . Cheese cake lovers you have to try this one.

Baileys Cheese Cake 

3. Tella Berry & Nutella Pizza at Tella Tales  

Pizza is bae no doubt about that but nutella pizza at tella tales is beyond bae. With right amount of berries specially fresh strawberries to cut the sweetness and so neatly drizzled with nutella .Its a beautiful pizza . This is a must try for pizza & nutella  lovers  . For Nutella lovers they have a special nutella menu . Worth a try!

Nuttela Berry Pizza

4. Japanese Mochi icecream 

  Mochi Icecream – Sticky Mochi fileld with icecream. Tried it for the first time at Ging and later tried the popular Kane Mochi at kawaii. Flavours like banana , Guava , Blueberry , thai milk tea . So addictive !

Mochi Icecream at Ging

Kane Mochi at Kawaii

5. Avacado Icecream with Honey Caviar at Burma Burma 

 Burma Burma – Avacado Icecream - beautifully presented with honey pearls on top of the creamy avocado icecream , smoked with dry ice to give it a sophisticated touch and it   tasted equally good. A modern interpretation of Burmese dessert as Avacado grows well in Burma due to tropical climate.
Avacado Ice Cream

6. Banofee pie , Caramel Sponge cake & Banana fritters At Mamagoto 

Mamagoto has the yummiest of desserts but banoffee pie is my top pick .
Another favourite is chunky caramel sponge cake with vanilla icecream and Panko crusted banana fritters with salted caramel sauce and icecream .
Panko Crusted Banana with caramel & icecream 

6. Black Sticky Rice with Coconut cream 

Rice is staple at home but rice based desserts are a  no no for me . After trying Misu Black sticky rice with Coconut Cream  cannot say that anymore  .
A traditional recipe and was so comfortingly delicious . Also The other desserts at Misu are great , So don't leave without ordering Desserts at Misu.

7. Mango Ras E Aam  at Bombay Brasseri

 Ras Malai is hands down my fav indian sweet. BB topped it with mango aam ras and nestled it in rich rabdi  and took it to another level.  Ras malai lovers & Aam Ras lovers head here to try the 
east meets west dessert. 

8.   Bourvita Phirni & Turmeric Kulfi at Maziga

Part of the Bite sized beautifully presented 15 course meal at maziga . Interesting take on Indian popular desserts like Phirni and Kulfi. 

9. Fave Bistro 
Mainly because of the beautiful presentation Fava Bistro desserts have made it to this list.
Presentation wise some of them was quite unique and beautiful. 

10. Malai Ghewar with Rabdi at  Kesariya  

I had never tried  this traditional Rajasthani sweet called Ghewar before , 
tried it first time in Kesariya and couldn’t stop at one portion  . 
I was told what kesariya has is many times better than what is available in 
sweet shops in blore by my foodie friends .So last but not the least had to include this yummy  traditional Rajasthani dessert  in the list .     

We are sure there are lot of great desserts we missed out . This is our personal Top 10 for 2018 . 
Do leave your favorites in the comments section so that we can go try it as well :-) 

Hope you have a sweet 2019 .
Lots of love 

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