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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Follow you Gut : Probiotics for a healthy life

Hippocrates said a long time ago that all diseases begins in the gut .Even in this present day and age it totally makes sense and is all the more relevant now.

The Burning Question now Is how to keep that gut doing well specially with a busy lifestyle in a city  .We are no experts in Health & Nutrition on Bangalorexpress .

However we  recently attended a Event organized by Dupont on Probiotics – The good Bacteria .
As much as we love recommending our readers about latest happenings in Bangalore ,specially places to eat and do in namma ooru . we love to share a little insight on how to cope with city life as well .
Being big time foodies we eat out often and have busy lifestyle and in bangalore with all that pollution immunity & Health is often compromised
With two health professionals at home we have learnt early on the importance of probiotics
I never miss my daily dose of curd . Frankly curd rice is one of my most favorite comfort food as well . So it’s a win win there
A brief about Probiotics and its importance for gut health

What are Probiotics :
Simply put Probiotics are  friendly bacteria  similar to organisms that occur naturally in the digestive tract .

Why Probiotics :

The majority of the immune system is in the digestive tract . probiotics contribute to ideal digestive health in turn supporting the immune system
The body’s natural immune system is built of three lines of defense which provide protection from environmental challenges such as viruses , bacteria , parasites and allergens .
Which is why probiotics is necessary for good health .

Where to find Probiotics :

buttermilk , pickles , miso , kimchi , kombucha  and other fermented foods However nowdays as the quality of food has depilated probiotics are now added to many varieties of foods , beverages and dietary supplements including yoghurt & yoghurt based drinks , icecreams , nutrition bars and ofcourse dietary supplements .

What should you look for in the label :
The quality & amount of probiotics food we consume may not be sufficient in present times to keep your gut healthy .
To supplement your existing diet if you choose to go for probiotics enhanced food

Look for the below : 
Amount : Look for 1 billion CFU( Colony forming units , a unit of measure commonly used to describe a single probiotic cell ) or more per serving for an efficacious dose
Strain : use the strain name to do your own research on what is known about the probiotic .
Stability : Look for guaranteed count at the end of shelf life
Evaluating The source : Look for a statement that connects the strains to your health concerns .

About Dupont :
Du Pont Nutrition and health , a business unit of Dowdupont speciality products division , combines in depth knowledge of food and nutrition with current research and expert science to deliver unmatched vale to the food , beverage , pharma and dietry supplement industries
Take Away :

Have you been hearing more about probiotics in recent years ?
The Balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in the gut is important for digestive health and the ability for your immune system to fight of diseases .
In one senstence Follow your gut !

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