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Sunday, November 18, 2018

15 Course Journey through India - At Maziga , Bangalore | Restaurant Review

Good Things come in small packages . 

You will agree even more after a 15 course meal journey through Indian food at Maziga , A newly opened Branch of Maziga , Singapore 

A Progressive Indian cuisine place by Javed Ahamad making waves in Singapore is here to do the same in Bangalore ! 

Progress Indian cuisine is changing how the world eats Indian food
Progressive Indian is a culinary term increasingly on the lips of many gourmands &  restaurateurs to the general eating public nowadays .

People can have varying opinions but personally we believe this Avant garde ness is what is required to put Indian food on the world map and let the western crowd get to know us beyond Curries & Masala. 

Now coming to Our Favorites from the 15 course meal we had at Maziga 

1.       Chat Masala Yoghurt Spherification
2.       Goat Brain pav
3.       Malvani prawns
4.       Seafood Pilaf - Mostly for the presentation
5.       Banana Flower Dumpling 

🔸Chat Masala Yoghurt Spherification - This was a great start , it amused the palette and set the tone for the many courses ahead .

Chat Masala Spherification

🔸Goat Brain Pav -i am never found of brain or liver dishes . But this was surprisingly different from anything i have tried before , the flavors were well balanced and did not put me off  at all. If you are like me  dont think twice ... indulge away .

Goat Brain Pav
🔸Malvani Prawns -  Malvani Masala Prawns on a charcoal lentil Pancake with yoghurt dip on the side  which added a nice tanginess to the dish. All i have to say is this was delicious and presented well as well . 

Malvani Prawns

Malvani prawns 
🔸Seafood Pilaf - Most beautifully presented dish from the course
SeaFood Pilaf

🔸Banana Flower Dumpling : Slow cooked Banana Flower stuffed with carom seeds puff . 
The sauce was light and had mild flavours of Rasam . Simple yet a sophisticated dish .

Banana Flower dumpling 

Now coming to the other dishes served , They were great as well .. but what stood out in terms of presentation and taste went into the favourites list . 

🔸Risoto khichdi - A  fusion of  spinach Khichdi  and of  a creamy Risotto with a strong Roasted  garlic flavour .A comforting dish !

Risotto Khichdi

🔸Duck - The tandoori smoked duck with the Kashmiri rogan josh masala was again a hit,  the gravy was superb .

🔸Gilawat Kebab Kulcha - This lamb minced stuffed  kulcha was  good, you don't really need anything  to pair it with. However i would have preffered a little more stuffing . 

🔸Gosht ki Biriyani - The smallest bowl (or cup in this case )of  Biryani I have had till date. It comes with delightful flavours and the Bhurani raita is thick and creamy . This did pack a  punch in a small package . 

Gosht Ki Biryani
🔸Quinoa Upma with cod fish - Tempered Quinoa Upma with  Curry leaves & Mustard Seeds served with smoked Cod and Kafir Lime sauce 

Quinoa Upma with Cod Fish
🔸Chicken Liver - Again a beautifully presented dish and the liver flavor was not pungent rather subtle and yum . 
Chicken Liver  

🔸 chef special sorbet - came in just about midway and was a perfect addition to reset the  palette

Palatte Cleanser Sorbet 

🔸 Soup - Luke warm edamame beans & green Peas Soup . This had strong garlic flavour and a very delicious soup

🔸 Golguppa : The dish with the most surprise . White chocolate Bomb filled with chilli Masala pani . 

🔸Turmeric Kulfi & Bournvita Phirni 

Loved the Bournvita Phirni . we often eat Kulfi and Use Turmeric in cooking but hardly have i come across Turmeric Kulfi . This again is a wonderful dessert . 

Overall Verdict :

The hip indian food demand is rising . The Dna and the flavour remains the same but in a brand new creative packaging .
We would highly recommend u check out Maziga . Its for both traditionalist &  people looking for something new in Indian food . 

Till the Next time ,
Much love

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