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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Stemilt Organic Apples - Now in Bangalore

An Apple a day keeps the Docter away .

Apple is said to have so many health benefits so the saying .

Nowadays there  is a popular misconception that apples are adulterated heavily to increase shelf life but its not always the case .
The easy availability in different seasons can create a misconception that something is done to increase shelf life .  
But Apple is quite the super food with very low calories , high fibre and a long list of health benefits . 

When Stemilt , Leading fruit company was launching in Blore I was called to have a bite & know more about it .

Read On ..

About the brand :

Stemilt is a Native American word that means ‘coming from the mountains’ or ‘foothills to the mountains.’ Stemilt Growers is a leading tree fruit company that grows, packs, ships and markets fresh apples, pears, cherries, peaches, nectarines and apricots to stores worldwide. Stemilt is also the leading producer of organic fruits and sweet cherries.
 Multiple varieties of apples are grown like the classic Golden Delicious and Granny Smith to newbies like Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, and their signature, Piñata apples.

The company roots trace back to 1893 when the first generation of Mathisons homesteaded 160 acres on Stemilt Hill overlooking the Columbia River and the town of Wenatchee, Washington. By 1914, the Mathison’s began planting fruit orchards on Stemilt Hill. In 1964, the third-generation farmer Tom Mathison founded Stemilt Growers on the premise that consumers should have access to flavor-first fruit. Tom passed away in 2008, but his legacy continues to live on at Stemilt. Today, Stemilt is still family-owned and operated. Tom’s grandson, West Mathison, leads the company as president, while Tom’s children, grandchildren, and relatives continue their involvement as growers and employees. For going on six generations.

IG International : 

IG International is the leading exotic fruits importer as well as one of the country’s biggest distributors of fresh produce sourced from overseas. With fresh produce procurement spanning 22 countries and handling capacities of over 31 varieties of fruits, IG International has established its mettle in delivering on the diversified tastes of the Indian markets. 

Why Stemilt :

Responsible Choice® is Stemilt’s sustainability and social responsibility program. Stemilt founder Tom Mathison launched the program in 1989, long before sustainability was a buzzword. That same year, he transitioned a large number of acres to organic production and began implementing integrated pest management techniques in orchards to reduce pesticide use. Now in its third decade, Responsible Choice® is a strong part of Stemilt’s culture, and evidence of the program in action can be seen every day, and across their farming and packing operations.

How we usually love using Apple
Apart from the obvious of just eating  an apple that is :-) !

Fruit Salad : Crunchy apples like Stemilt red delicious add a nice crunch to a fruit salad .

Smoothie : Apple without peel , little banana /mango slices & curd – a very filling delicious recipe. Added a little chia seeds for the smoothie in the pic as well .

Where to find Stemilt Organic Apples ?

Experience the Red Delicious and Pinata Apple variety of Stemilt apple which are now available at all Spar Hyper Markets, in Bangalore. The classic coke-bottle shape and color of Red Delicious make it one of the most well-known apple varieties in the U.S. whereas the Piñata variety is Stemilt’s signature. Fresh from Washington, these apples are not just crisp and juicy but full of flavours that deliver a unique and unforgettable eating experience.

Thats all for now .

Stay healthy !
Untill the Next time , Stay tuned !
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This is not a sponsored post .
2 graphical Pictures  courtesy of IG international 

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