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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Flechazo - Only Mediterr-Asian Buffet

Love at first sight , flechazo means just that in Spanish !!

Flechazo is in Marathahalli and  whitefieldnow  , Great for Office goers for special occasions and team lunch & dinners .
Vast variety , innovative and well curated options , their hospitality and the colorfull interiors.
Its first of its kind place , serving Medditerr-Asian spread in the city .

Highlights  :
Food Shots section ,
Make your own pizza
Nitrogen Based Instant Icecreams

For Detailed Review , Read on  !

Decor / Ambience -
The blue and yellow colours of the upholestry are so vibrant and colorfull , add a nice touch giving the space a very Mediterranean look to the place .
, which is also nicely decorated . The layout arrangement also is well planned and there is no confusion and crowd can move around smoothly .

Service : There is so much happening in this place , yet the staff is  composed and  cordial .

There is a fine line to good service and overdoing it when staff ask your feedback too often or wait at your table all the time or don't serve at the right intervals which I find a bit annoying but flechazo staff do their job exceptionally well .

Food shots : on a conveyor belt , bite sized food keeps moving . You can go pick what you like . Very innovative isn’t it  .
Sushi , Pani Puri , Papdi chat ,prawn cocktail, bruschetta  and other bite sized food in small cutlery  make the rounds .

Live counters : Tucked away in a corner near pizza and pasta live counters but don't miss this one , the kheema pav is good here . !

Pizza Counter : Best thing about pizza counter is you can make your own pizza and eat it too , also you get a certificate for.that ! This is a good way to indulge kids and keep them entertained .

Pasta Counter : They have options to choose from and you can customise it as well .Live Tawa counter , Pizza and Pasta section is called The Big o with 5 varities of Pizza and Pasta recommended by chef , 1 variety of tawa for veg and non veg and ofcourse option to customise .

Starters : So many varieties some Asian , some indian and some Mediterranean .
Around 4-6 Oriental and indian Starters and  around 4 mediterranean starters

Soup , Salad & Sides counter :After all that great bite sized food and starters if you have the stomach for soup and salads , go indulge . I have not tried it on both of my visits
But they have a variety of breads, sandwiches , soups and sides like papad , pickles , raita
Main course :Flechazo has a large Main Course spread , Loved the Crab curry . They have atleast 4-5 gravy dishes , biryani and so on

Desserts : Must tries are Macaroons , Jalebis ,   and most importantly the nitrogen instant icecream section !
My Favourite is the  Paan and coffee flavour .
About 6 varieties are available ,  
Though Nitro Batida , a Mocktail from the drinks section – its also a nitrogen based  and as god as a dessert . Must try

Overall such good food here and varieties are endless  at a  reasonable price , a must visit if you are looking for a large spread buffet in blore !

Cost : 700 + Taxes for dinner , but they have early bird and other offers running . It's a such a steal !

Flechazo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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