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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Must Try Cocktails- Big Pitcher , Old Airport Road

Someone rightly said  cocktails are society’s most enduring invention .

Beautiflly presented colorfull cocktails are my  weekness, I obsessively take pictures of them sometimes till the drink tires out and starts wilting away .
When a friend told me that Bigpitcher has curated a range of  special desi cocktails and that we should go check it out I was up and about and fully ready to indulge with the girls gang
Also because big pitcher is so close by my home that many times I think of heading there on weekends but never ended up going for no reason at all .
After a afternoon of getting tipsy on their extremely well curated cocktails I realised what I was missing out

I highly recommend you guys check out their cocktails!

So far the best range of well curated cocktails in Bangalore are at Big Pitcher from  all the places I have tried till date ,
Nope I am not being biased or exaggerating in excitement , I truly felt the cocktails were really bespoke , extremely interesting combinations , very well blended , potent yet delicious .
Head there already and let us know what you thought in the comments section below .
We were a group of  7 , so I could sample quite a few of the  cocktails without getting too tipsy

Order List :

Desi Cocktails
Ek Dum Jhakas
Shake chilly

From the Regular Menu :
Fig Mojito
Take it Easy
Jungle Mary
High seas Adventure
Kiss on the lips
Infused whisky
Big Picture
Strong Big Icetea

My Favourites :
Fig Mojito
Big Pitcher 
High seas Adventure

Décor / Ambience : Spread across 6 massive floors with different themes and seating options .
With unique perforated cladding on the façade , bigpitcher is hard to miss out on old airport road .
We chose the 2nd floor called the  Splitwood . the décor here is a mix of cowboy theme and some accents with eastern  crafted artifacts
The Rooftop areas is called star lounge
4th floor is called studio 4121 , mostly dedicated for private events and for performances
3rd floor is called the sizzling street – vibrant and colorfull barbeque area
Ground level and first is called the club kahuna – pub experience for the beer lovers

Food and  Drinks :

We were meeting on a late afternoon so we ordered for starters like momos , some chicken and prawn starters to go along with the cocktails .

Cocktails :
I am listing below some of the cocktails , As you read the combinations you will realise how unique they are .

Ek Dum Jakhas – Dark rum , coke and Muddled fresh Magai pan – Perfect for Paan lovers

Shake Chilly – Raw mango , vodka and lychee juice with salt and chilly on the glass rim . This is for people who like food with a mix of  sweet sour and salt

Fig Mojito – Fresh Fig , Fig infused dark rum , lemon and mint and topped with coke for a twist , Mojito lovers this will become your new favourite trust me !

Jungle Mary – Move aside Bloody mary , Your indian version is here to stay ! Tomato , lemon ,  guava & strawberry  juice blended with vodka with salt and tobasco on the rim .

High Seas Adventure – Beautifully presented in an earthen  pot . Its an amazing concoction of fresh coconut milk , Vanila puree , vodka , elder flower syrup and garnished with star anise and cinnamon stick . such a well blended drink with right amount of spice , creaminess and sweetness .

Kiss on my lips : Coffee liquor , Baileys , hazelnut mixed with vodka .garnished with a chocolate wafer on the top .  Not a big fan of coffee based drinks yet this was good . By far the best coffee based cocktail I have tasted .

Four play : Rum , Gin , Tequilla and vodka with muddled water melon juice  . quite a potent drink . if you love watermelon flavour go for this one

Take it easy :vodka , Lychee juice , strawberry puree and a dash of lime . This is on the sweeter side . If you love lychee flavour go for this one .

Big Pitcher:A big Pitcher with  Port wine ,brandy , strong black tea , blue curacao , seltzer nutmeg , lime juice and garnished with fresh fruits on a skewer and then brandy is poured over it and flamed . what a unique combination right and the presentation surely adds an extra zing  .

Strong Big Icetea : Another big pitcher cocktail we ordered was vodka based cocktail with fresh cut fruits . looks so colorfull and tropical and tasted fresh and great as well

How could we miss dessert , Ended a fun afternoon with some Darshaan


This was an experience worthy of repeating . A perfect place to chill out with your gang and enjoy the wide variety of cocktails with  scrumptious finger food to go along with it .
A must visit if you love cocktails .
Thursdays are ladies night we were told , you know where to go to cope up with weekday blues .

I know I will be there to check out the other themed floors and the food  soon !

Till the next time

Much love

Big Pitcher Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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