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Sunday, February 4, 2018

YumCha Nation @ Ging - Dimsum Festival , Feb2018

Win sum , lose sum , dim sum !

Don’t you wish Life was as  simple as that saying .
If you want to escape the  humdrum of routine weekdays  and experience  the city centre from a different perspective  I have just the place for you .
If you work in the ever crowded , extremely noisy CBD area of Bangalore you will love this news all the more !

Ging – Oriental Bar & Kitchen , part of  Royal Orchid Central has opened doors only a few months ago .
It’s a hidden gem , located inside Manipal centre on the  10th floor of Royal orchid hotel .

Ging with the gorgeous views of the city perched on the top floor of royal orchid   makes even the traffic look beautiful from that level .
Double height ceiling &  large glass panes for un interrupted views to the outside

warm color scheme with  pops of blue
An open bar and alfresco seating area with expansive views of the city , overlooking ulsoor lake , army green zone & the increasing skyline behind MG road  
Uber chic and modern with the juxtaposition of classic elements like the victorian birdcage like lantern light fixtures,  enormous   dragon painted on to Porcelain plates inspired by Chinese blue pottery   and the impressive double height blue lattice work on the wall .

 You will ascend down into this space from a  level above where the lift lobby is and instantly forget the din of the Bangalore city life .

A great place to wind down and also for special occasions in the evenings
Ging has their Yumcha Nation – All you can eat Dim sum Festival going on from Feb 1st to around 16th Feb .
Yam cha is a cantonese tradition involving tea and dim sum
If you love Dimsums , can there be a better occasion than to head hear for unlimited Dimsums & 2 cups of Tea / Beer.

The dumplings  here are like pieces of art , so delicately made and pleasing to the eye , you almost don’t feel like eating them .
But after one dumpling , you will not be able to stop!

The Dimsums  on offer :

NonVeg :
Crispy Prawn Cheong Fun

Char sui chicken Cheong Fun

Scallop Siu Mai

Chicken Thai chilli Dumplings

Pork & Pak Choi Dumplings

Sea Bass Dumpling

Veg :
Crispy Veetable Cheong Fun
Trio Of mushroom cheong Fun

Corn & Carrot Curry Dumplings

Vegetarian Satay Bun

Vegetables & chive Dumplings

Vegetables & ice burg Dumplings

Cheong Fun is Rice Noodle sheet  Roll with filling  served on a bed of warm sauce is a contonese dumpling from southern china .
Specially the crispy filling cheong fun were amazing in ging . Do try the crispy vegetable and crispy Prawn Cheong fun . I liked it best at ging , a must try .
Also the trio Mushroom cheongfun was delicious

Satay Buns – white and soft steamed buns with filling , Texture of the bun is just like the bao , which I generally don’t like but Ging did it really well.

Scallop Siu Mai – Another variety of traditional chinese Dumpling , here it was presented so well – looked like a little bunny with ears

Pork & Pak Choi Dumplings – Pork with water chestnut centre and dumpling wrap in Pak choi – a good looking dumpling this one  , the flavours stood out. May not be for those who prefer subtle flavours in meat .

Infact all the varieties of dumplings looked beautiful and were made exceptionally well .

Rounds of bamboo baskets kept flowing in , with each dumpling our chopsticks skills improved , the breezy evening passed by and it started getting cold when we realized we need to stop but after some desserts ;-)!

We tried the assorted Mochi icecream  and chocolate chocolate !
Pounded Sticky rice with icecream filling , I was trying it for the first time and loved it to bits .
We tried Guava , Blueberry &banana

Chocolate chocolate is a ball with vanilla icecream centre , when hot toffee cream is poured on it , it opens outs like a flower bud . But after a round of Mochi icecream even chocolate couldn’t impress me as much .

Cost :
 Yum cha Festival  is on from Feb 1st to Feb16 and at Rs 1000 + taxes for unlimited dimsums & 2 cups of jasmine tea or Beers  
They Also have Sunday Brunch


  • Untill recently they were open only in the evenings on weekdays and lunch &  dinner on weekends only .February onwards they have opened for lunch on weekdays as well , which is great for corporate office lunches & meetings .
  • However the evenings have a charm of its own and you should head there for the Dimsum festival
  • May be take your beloved for the nearing valentines day and thank me later :-)

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