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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sharief Bhai - Best Muslim cuisine Restaurant in Bangalore

                              Don’t be Eye Candy , Be soul food

Sharief Bhai is all about that.
The dominant thought while i indulged  in their Muslim delicacies was that food is  soulful and it felt so comforting  .
In no time this outlet has garnered quite a following and I understood why
I finally made it there on a Monday night and went back home happy and satisfied . A good start to the week ahead .
Especially if you are a Mutton/Lamb lover this is the place for you in Bangalore .

Décor : A portion of the frontage is where the cooks prepare your starters and the other portion is the brightly lit lobby with beautiful big glass lanterns adorning  the ceiling .
From there you enter into the dining space with high ceiling  with  large glass lantern lighting fixtures   . The interiors is very apt for the cuisine being served , which according to be sets the tone for your overall experience .

Service : The owners (Husband & wife duo ) interact with all the tables politely   . The staff also are well aware of the dishes and seem well trained .
Cost : Competitively priced

Food :
In recent times one of the most memorable gastronomic experiences I have had.
The menu had two serving portion , so we (a group of 6)ordered a lot of smaller portions so that we could try a vast variety .

Top Picks:

Soups: Murg Marag & Ghost Shorba

Starter: Patthar Ghost , Ghost kalimirch
Maincourse : Ghost dum biryani , Hara masala ka kheema & Nalli Nihari with chapathi
Desserts : Matka Phirni , Halwe ki poori , Muzzafar (basically all the desserts we tried were so delicious )
Drinks : Sulemani Chai
Must try : Marag & Sheermal combo , Mutton Biryani & All deserts

Soups :
I am not much into  soup / shorba , I usually jump straight to starters and stick around till I am almost full .
But hands down most memorable from the dinner was dipping the butter soft sheermal (soft bun and not the actual flat bread influenced by Persian cuisine, its more a Bangalore type sheermal ) in Marag & shorba and devouring it . Shorba & marag were so flavourfull and comforting . Absolutely loved it .
You can make a whole meal out of it , specially perfect for the  chilly evening in Bangalore winters .
Paya is the more popular one in liquids but I didn’t enjoy it much due to the heavy fat/ grease  content , its just a personal choice but it was extremely flavourfull as well .
I leaned more towards marag & shorba , Marag is almost shorba/ stew  like , it’s a common preparation in weddings I was told  . It’s a very light gravy made by slow cooking the mutton , ghee & almonds with  spices.

Starters :
 Pattar Ghost – Is slow cooked on stone , Perfectly spiced with mild tanginess . Best starter of the evening
Ghost Shami Kebab – Unlike what is regularly available , here it came with a a piece of boiled egg centre .
Murg KaliMirch – If you are chicken eater more than mutton , try this one .
Murg Chaap : Chicken fry on a stick , flavourful yet mild
Anjal Fry – Being from the coastal region I prefer coastal way of preparation with rawa , but this was good as well and a generous portion was served .
Gurda Kaleja & Bheja Starters  – I don’t really like the liver or brain pieces , but I had a small bite , it was so flavourfull and well marinated that it was nothing like how it tastes in a curry or masala .
Cutt Kofta Anda – A unqiue dish indeed , it’s a pleasure to find authentic muslim household dishes in Sharief bhai . The curry base is made using horse gram puree

Maincourse :

Nalli Nihari – Literally melt in the mouth , falling off the bone mutton and such a delicious gravy .Never had this elsewhere . Went well with chapatti and had tried  with Kushka rice( rice cooked with coconut milk , ghee & spices) .
Hara Masale ka kheema – So well done , perfectly spiced and great combination for kerala paratha
Mutton Biryani – Never had more flavourful perfectly spiced biryani rice ever . They use Jeera samba rice instead of basmati . we were stuffed and would have expected our palates to be exhausted  after all the bursting flavours but still the tongue could judge and relish the good biryani .
I will surely go back and try the biryani on an empty stomach and let you know how it faired .

Desserts :
we tried Muzzafar , Phirni and halwa poori .
Simple & fabulous,  surely made me very happy .
Muzzafar – Is saffron flavoured Rice kheer
Phirni -  Not a thick phirni rather kheer like consistency with rose water flavour
Halwa poori – Dal filled Gujia soaked in sugar syrup
                   All served chilled

Overall verdict
From the décor to the menu to food everything reflects authentic muslim culture and specialities
Ever after trying a lot of dishes , we noticed all dishes have their distinctive flavours and are not similar at all .
The experience here was like a highly refined home cooked meal , A place I will go back for more .

you have to be a mutton lover to appreciate a lot of the specialties .
Car parking could be an issue, however 2 wheeler is easy to find .

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