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Thursday, January 25, 2018

First Impressions - Cold Pressed Juices by Vaho Kafe & Pressery

Whether you are a health freak or the kind who  loves their liquids you would have surely heard about cold pressed juices .
Cold pressed juices is produced by using a hydraulic press to extract juice as opposed to other methods such as centrifugal or single auger .
After I went on a bingethon and some travelling during the year end , I wanted to get back to eating clean and stick to the new year resolutions
 So decided to try out  juices for my late/ after work  evening snack so that I don’t eat unhealthy .
Cold Pressed juices has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times as its said the heat generated from other methods reduces the nutritive value of the juices .
I manage to stay on track throughout the day , but evenings are a struggle , either I am famished and go home and snack on unhealthy readily available  foods or end up going out for dinner .

In my lookout for healthy alternative Vaho came up  , since it’s a restaurant & a Pressery in Bangalore ,  I decided to try it out .

Vaho  has 7 varieties , I ordered one of each 

Go Lean: Refreshing with the yummy taste of spinach, celery etc. with a pinch of black salt and lemon, wasn’t bitter in taste nor sweet. Designed to help you lose weight and feel better.

Immune Me: As the name goes, it is packed with immunity-boosting nutrients that will keep your body pumping on the inside and your skin glowing on the outside. This tasty juice will have you feeling your best, no matter what you’re  up against. Made with apple, beet, and vitamin-packed carrot and lemon.

 Vitalize Me: From the richness of pomegranate to the sweetness of orange, revitalization has never tasted so good. Boasting vitamin-filled carrot and orange combined with chia seeds. 
Go green: This juice is packed with vitamins and minerals to regulate our system and keep us feeling healthy, hydrated and energised, made with spinach, cucumber, apple and licorice.

Energy On: Crammed with energy-boosting ingredients like almond and cardamom, mineral-rich coconut water, and just a splash of honey for an antioxidant boost with melon seeds. I personally loved this. White in colour and tasty.

Glow Onn: It has immunity-enhancing ingredients like carrot, pineapple, pomegranate. A great taste with great health benefits.

Nourish Me: Made up of orange, beetroot, carrot and fennel. which is full of antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamin-loaded ingredients.

Do check Vaha Kafe & Pressery Out, they are based out of Bannerghatta road , near IIM campus . 

Based on my first impressions on cold pressed juices

Pros :
  • Vitamin C is sensitive to light and heat so cold pressed juices will have better vitamin c .
  • Since most brands including vaho pressery claim to not  add sugars or preservatives , that’s surely an added advantage
  • Vegetable juices are not readily available in market ,  so if you are looking for the same , cold pressed juices are your best bet and Vaho has some nice fruit and vegetable combinations  and i particularly enjoyed the vitalise me and glow on type. C
Cons :

  •  225 ml bottle costs 139 rs which is a bit pricely 
  • It took 2 bottles of juice to fill me up , probably because fibre is less in cold pressed juices so drinking them regularly will not be cost effective 

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