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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Food review : Waffling @Belgium Waffle Factory

I have  waffled before  and  i will waffle again “ is a interesting saying but I never found waffle that  interesting and didn’t think I would particularly waffle again either
But then again never say never ,  I was in front of Belgium waffle factory without much  expectations on a Friday evening based on a friends suggestion to try this place .
One bite into the waffle and I realised I was waffling in all the wrong places till date J
Read on for detailed review :

Location & D├ęcor / Ambience :  Located on a narrow street next to st josephs commerce college and behind Garuda mall, its  a hole in the wall kinda place.
Which works as waffles are given in a paper cone which is  more like a take away style very common abroad
There were not many people when I went so didn’t find it congesting but it can feel so on a weekend if the crowd is more .
They have few stools to sit and nice quotes written all over the walls
The waffles get done in front of you from inside the counter

Service : Very quick

Value for money : Personally I am a very price conscious person , doesn’t mean we don’t spend a lot on food but we check prices before ordering but we order anyway ;-)
Not having prices on the menu , no matter if the place is affordable or not makes us a bit uncomfortable .
Especially if I want to customise toppings I would like to see the pricing
Having said that the waffles are very affordable .

Food : Mostly sweet waffles on the menu but the widest variety I have seen so far , not just toppings but interesting and colorfool waffle itself .
One bite into Red wonder & The sin I was in sweet heaven . Absolutely devine and nothing like the waffles I had tasted before .

Redwonder : is a red velvet battered waffle , two  quarters of  waffles sandwiched with cream cheese and white chocolate chips .
The waffles are crispy on the edges and soft in the centre . This one is a must try

The Sin : My favroutie from what we tried . Chocolate battered waffle smeared with nuttella and chocolate and choco chips for bite . so sinfull . Must try for chocolate lovers .
The waffles are hot and the melting chocolate on it is so deliscious

Berry Blast : classic waffle with whipped cream , berry compost and strawberries for garnish . I don’t like too much whipped cream in anything . this waffle was fruity and nice

Bubble Wrap waffle : rolled in a cone , with lot of wipped cream , vanilla icecream & topped with kitkat & chocolate chips .
This is overloaded and 2 people can have one . Since I do not like too much whipped cream I didn’t fancy this much . But the bubble wrap waffle by itself is tasty , unlike the many waffles I have had before .

Overall :
If you don’t fancy waffles much , go try Belgian waffle factory’s red wonder & the sin , I am sure you will change your mind
0.5 extra rating just for changing my mind on waffles

Tips to eaters :
Try their set combinations first , if you still have the space left for more then go for customization
It’s a quick grab and eat palace so don’t expect seating for chilling

Tips to BWF :
If the toppings are arranged in a more please way on the shelves it will look nice and make people wanna try different combinations 
Introducing more savoury waffles will pull the crowd who dont enjoy too much sweetness

Belgian Waffle Factory  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato  

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