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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Restuarant Review : Dinner at Maxpresso

Most reviews of food and restaurants we usually write on zomato . But this one needs a special mention as its newly opened and we got to talk to the owner and the passion to start something related to food and actually do it rubbed off on us so here goes the review and droll worthy pics for you guys !
Enjoy and do visit Maxpresso
OH also Max is the owner s Dog and presso comes from expresso - so Maxpresso . How nice right !! so was the food :-)

Decor : Brightly lit , well organised in such a small space . Lots of books on display if one wants to read while you wait for your food . But trust me the service is quite efficient and fast so you won't have to read a long time and enjoy the good food instead .
Service :The owner is around and is happy to recommend what to try . The staff is quick at service . The food flowed in seemlessly without any hiccups
Food :
Drinks - We had hazelnut Frappe and strawberry mojito . Both were extremely good . Perfect amount of sweet and right balance of flavours
Starters :
Fish Fingers was crispy and the dips complemented well . Must try this one . However my companion felt the fish could have had some added flavours but I liked it a lot
Cheesy Max potato : if you like cheesy , crispy food this is a nice starter as well
Garlic bread with cheese and chicken : this again was very delicious .
The starters and drinks are particularly good here .
Main course
Alfredo chicken pasta - The pasta was kind of bland and less cheesy . Otherwise it was decent
Peri Peri Chicken steak - We were quite stuffed by then , but by itself it's a wholesome meal and portion sizes in general is good here . The steak was tender and the accomplishments of herbed potatoes and veggies were nice . But was not a very spicy sauce as expected as it was supposed to be peri peri sauce . Whoaoever likes mild spices will really like this
Fried Chicken.Burger - The portion was quite good and specially the fries were very well done . However it was more KFC style and not unique to maxpresso which we would have preferred , nevertheless a decent burger only the burger bread could have been better as it was a bit dry and I didn't like the slightly sweet colesaw that came with it . I would prefer a creamy one to go well with the crispy food .
Dessert :
We tried chocolate brownie , it came with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla icecream . A very nice dessert to finish off a hearty meal . Do try .

Cost for 2 : Around 1000 Rs

Overall :
Personally I love crispy and cheesy food.
many places the crispy food is never crispy enough like the fries or fish fingers even in well known places - Basically the starters disappoint me quite often
But at maxpresso the crispy food is done very well .
The prices are also competitive and the quantity is good here .
While we were there on a Saturday night there was hardly any crowd , probably as it's a new cafe .
Surely deserves a crowd ! Head here guys !

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