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Friday, August 18, 2017

Dastkar - Nature Bazaar , Bangalore 2017 - 6 Must checkout and 6 avoidable stalls

I  was always interested in handicrafts & art forms of india .
In my first year of architecture school , one of my classmates came with multi coloured thread braided in few streaks of hair from a dastkar workshop  and that’s how I was introduced to Dastkar and I was sold then and there :-).
Whether its antique crafts , home décor , clothes or jewelry . Dastkar has  got it all  .if you are like me  who loves & appreciates handicrafts of india and love shopping knick knacks from different parts of india then go ahead show some love and head over to Dastkar Nature Bazaar .
 This Popular  carnival cum exhibition & sales usually happens annually in namma bengaluru .

Dastkar is a  NGO  working since more than  30 yrs now

We went there last Sunday after a gap of 3 yrs and were thrilled  so thought we should share with you guys  
 some interesting stalls and some avoidable ones ,  so that you don’t miss out anything 

Note : i was too excited to shop in the stalls that some of the stalls i liked i totally forgot to take pics . so whatever pics i took are all\ part of this blog :-)

6 Must checkout stalls :


1.       Beaded Bangles
I have never seen these delicate beaded bangles elsewhere . This time its even better with flower beaded designs . It must have been a lot of work for the craftsmen and women .
Definitely buy some .
Stall is Somewhere near the middle , close to the workshop area

2.       Colorfull chappals
Colorfull kohlapuris we find in Bangalore as well but this stall has very interesting patterns and prints . This stall is near the parking gate .

3.       Jewellary – German Silver stall
I buy enough silver jewellary already so didn’t splurge here but do check it out . they have amazing neckpieces and toe rings all in german silver (20 % silver , 80 % copper)
4.       Home décor – ceramics with prints – mogul inspired
This was my favorite find . Moghul art & Jaipur  blue pottery  inspired ceramics . So stunning . They have beautiful door knobs and hooks , candle holders , coasters and vases .. I wanted to buy them all . You have to check this out .

5.       Home Décor - Garden accessories –
Found 2 to 3 stalls selling interesting pieces to decorate your terrace , balcony or garden . Like cycle planter holder , hangings made from transparent cloth and sticks ,

6.       Home décor – Bamboo – mats , runners
At the main entrance – I love bamboo mats , runners , blinds . it gives such warmth to the interiors . I have bought them from mother earth and fab india before at a much higher cost . So if you into this surely buy from this stall for good deals 

6 Avoidable stalls:

1. Cloth Stalls         
Indigo seemed to be the theme across all the cloth stores – indigo colored clothes stood out in most stalls . Clothes and shawls  involve a lot of work so it was expensive and if you are on a  budget you can skip these stalls as some of them were exorbitant

2.       Wooden furniture & carvings of sculptures 
 unless you are on a lookout for these you can skip browsing through as they are big sizes , expensive and traditional

3.       Pots & mud sculptures and décor items –
I didn’t find the work to be very intricate or unique and worth the trouble of carrying  it home

4.       Stalls selling handmade paper books and baskets 
made from straw or bamboo were priced too high and I have found better in local stores in Bangalore so can be skipped

5.       Food 
 Eat before you head to dastkar – only one or two stalls with overpriced food  which was less in quantity and didn’t taste great

6. Concrete & Glass miniature show pieces : 
Found a lot of interesting pieces , in particular loved the small owl showpieces in both stalls but i found it extremely expensive . If you are not not a budget then surely check this out . 
Dastkar Nature bazaar is going on till the 20th in Manpho convention centre .

Happy weekend guys . Do tag us @ bangalorexpress  if you buy anything from dastkar  based on our recommendations on instagram . would love to see

Till the next time

Much love

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