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Sunday, February 19, 2017

First Impressions : Medlife internation Pvt Ltd- Online Pharmacy

 City life , hectic day job ,lot of slow moving
 traffic and travel ,  busy weekends for the few chores and  many passions (blogging being on top of the list) , homework - not the one we did at school .. the real kind , the kind i hate to do much more then i hated school homework  and added  negative surroundings sure takes a toll on me. 
Among all the dreams & goals  makes this  restless soul stress allowing  health to take a backseat specially when i already have some health issues to deal with.
I am sure many feel this way 
It does not help when your doctor prescribes rare to find medication .
For which i even change my good doctor and find myself prescribed the same medication again.
To top that the small medical stores simply make up stories saying medicine is discontinued .
 i knew for sure the big pharmacy  stock this but its no where near where i stay and going to one is a full day agenda without surety to find the medicine
i almost gave up and starting dealing with the issue by ignoring it hoping it will subside
What else to do there is hardly anytime on weekdays and even lesser time on weekends .

I google everything under the sun , but this i did not until the better half found an app called Medlife.
In one day i get a call that my medication will be delivered that too for free .
There was a half day delay , but that didnt  bother me .
As per the msg i got the bill amount and the medicnes delivered to me at my doorstep at the time mentioned in the msg , neatly packed like seen in the picture.

Such a pleasure to find you Medlife.
Its life changing  for busy youngsters and the old people who  cannot go hunting for any medications from stores
Please dont go by what your local pharmacy tells you ,  they dont want to go the extra mile to procure the tablets just for you . Do your research if the tablets are not off the shelf i am sure medlife can help.

Check this app out people . so glad somebody came up with this startup .

Cheers to such dreamers and creators

Till the next time

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post . All opinions are my own

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