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Monday, October 10, 2016

First Impressions - 02 - StayGlad- Salon @ Home

Do you live in Bangalore ? 
Do you work 5 – 6 days a week ?
Do you feel like you all you wanna do is vegetate on a Sunday and not do anything  ?
Which also makes you end up dragging  your salon visits for the longest  time possible?

Well I do till I start feeling like a bear or sometimes make do with a shave due to plain lethargy to go to a salon since nothing is very close by to my home and more so as I hate having to wait for my turn due to weekend rush at the salon.

Yesterday while browsing through instagram , Urban clap advert showed up about salon services at home.
I wondered  why haven’t I tried it before so thought of testing it out with a bit of hesitance since the thought of  having some stranger visit home didn’t feel too comforting.
Surfed the net and found 3 contenders Urbanclap , Housejoy & Stayglad at the top of my search results
Urbanclap failed at payment stage , the app / website has some annoying issues , I didn’t get an appointment for my time slot on Housejoy and stayglad too during payment I clicked a wrong button and transaction failed  .
I was enough frustrated to giveup on trying it out ever.
But guess what today morning I got a call that my appointment was fixed and I could pay by cash or card after the service. Was I glad or what to find Stayglad:-)

Pros :
1.        App is simple and easy to use and appointment easy to book.
2.        Due confirmation calls are done and the beautician arrived in time
3.        Good hygiene is maintained and they clean up after
4.        Stay Glad is purely beauty and salon based services so probably why they were all the more  prompt

1.        I asked for aloevera wax but it was not available and I was called twice , once telling a different beautician would come another time asking me if normal wax was ok . I would prefer it if  the issue was handled and taken care instead
2.        I read in so many places that they make a nice little gesture by giving a small box with chocolate called stayglad mystery box which was not given to me which is not a big deal though but I was a bit disappointed.          
3.        Pricing could be a bit more competitive.

I am actually glad I tried stay glad . it was wonderful to sit in the comforts of my home and get salon ready !
There will surely be a second time .
However true test for a great place/ enterprise is if they can consistently perform well even when no one is watching / checking . That’s why I did not disclose to them if I will be reviewing them so I don’t have pics when the service was being done so that I could give a honest review

BANGALORExpress tip to you peeps :
I chose to sit at the edge of my bed and get my mani pedi done which made it uncomfortable . so choose a comfy place before the beautician sets it up .
B. express tip to Stayglad : Keep up the good work and some more saver packages would be great if added to your list along with making sure material required for the booked service is kept handy for a even more pleasant experience for the end user .
Till the next time.
Be glad guys we found this for you and give stay glad a try now and thank us later :-)

Much love , 
Shruthi  for  BANGALORExpress

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