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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cha @ san-cha

You can wake me up in the middle of the night and offer chai and I will not say no! .
Many of you would relate to this for sure  so this post is just for you peeps :-)

I love my cha and when I got an invite to attend tea tasting session at the newly opened 
sancha – teaboutique I had to attend .
I say cha because In Karnataka and some other states,   tea is called cha . Most of Karnataka cannot live without their cha .
But southern most parts of Karnataka like namma Bengaluru, coorg, mysore and so on  love their kaapi/coffee more .

If you are a cha person like me then do check out san-cha tea boutique

Touted to be the country’s first tea boutique, San-Cha’s story began with the Aap Ki Pasand Tea Gallery in Delhi {started in 1981}. Helmed by a family of tea brewers, the brand is known to source teas from the countries of origin.
They have options like Moroccan Mint White Tea, Rose White Tea, oolong, Matcha , Darjeeling tea ,masala chai and so on.

 The boutique has almost 60 variety of teas . From Darjeeling Presidents tea being their finest.

Review :

Décor :
The store is predominantly white with little splashes of color and Victorian style seating and display shelves, which adds to the vibe
Packaging :
I particularly loved the packaging of the tea.
It really stood out due to the simple white décor,  its a combination of floral vintage and contemporary style.
Products : 
Wide variety . Thanks to suhail kapur who is also the co-owner who conducted the tea tasting which is how I could zero down to what I wanted to buy otherwise I would have been an alice in wonderland .
Even on other days you can sample the tea and choose what you like the best and then buy .

Price : 
Ranges from 150 rs to 1500 rs . Compared to your regular tea bags or  packets you may find the tea here pricey . 
But most teas here are sourced from countries of origin and are a fine variety without any added artificial ingredients .

To sum it up :
We had a nice afternoon tea session at san-cha tea boutique .
Cha lovers should check out san-cha
Our Picks - Rose white Tea , Darjeeling - Spring , Matcha and the accessiories Tips to cha lovers:
Buy the teas which are not readily available elsewhere go for white teas instead of green teas if you have to choose.
Buy the assorted boxes so you can try out many varieties

You might be a milk chai/masala chai lover like me, but worth giving san-cha a visit to try out and buy different variety of tea . Tips to SAN- cha :
It would be great if more assorted boxes and gift boxes with lot of variety and each type with lesser quantity is introduced.

Alrighty guys for more such finds from this ooru
stay tuned

And don’t forget to try some cha at san-cha

Much love

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