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Sunday, August 21, 2016

First Impressions 01 - Chef Basket

Gourmet food with exotic ingredients and various cuisines  has become a fad in Bangalore dining scene .
So many new places you can find here in Blore
However Cannot say most places can live up to the standard or have much variety or stick to original recipies but you will find almost every kind available on earth here in Bangalore .
once a while when u crave for new and interesting food but don't want to spend on the exorbitantly priced eateries which are overcrowded  u can check out ready to cook meals which I am not such a fan of considering I hate cooking ;-)
But  came across Chef's basket  recently and brought it from Westside gourmet store at Garuda Mall mostly for the packaging
Basically it's a ready to cook meal box. And trying different cuisines or dishes need not be a restaurant affair and that they do not add artificial ingredients and preservatives is what they claim so we put it to test .

So here goes our experience :
What we bought :

Tsing hoi noodles and creamy pesto pasta.
Cost : 150 for pasta and 75 for noodles since it was on offer.
Quantity : One box serves only one person

What we thought

1. Noodles/pasta  and sauce is what comes in the box but Veggies we have to add .
What's the point if I have to buy veggies , I have to boil pasta separately add sauce and seasoning and cook it in a regular way
It would work out cheaper if I just bought the sauce bottle which can be used multiple times and almost same price or a little more than this box .

2. The meal box should make it simple for me or eliminate my work  to source ingredients and reduce cooking time which this one doesn't so it's of  not much use and personally I feel it may not get  repeated purchases /orders

3. Noodles taste wise was really  nice but pesto pasta was not good .it wasn't creamy and something wasn't right about the flavours
Conclusion : you could give it a try .But do try something you haven't tasted or heard of before to make it worth your time and effort.
Do write to us if you have tried out any other such brands :-)

Disclaimer : This is not sponsored in any which way it's  our personal  experience only

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