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Sunday, May 1, 2016

B for Building Byelaws

B for Building bye laws .

Building bye laws is a very important aspect of architecture and construction so I thought it would be best to talk about in the 2nd post of this series.
Bye laws provide information on construction laws for different cities.Bye laws have a big influence and is an important governing factor for building architecture that’s why we say architecture is as much science as it is art  .
 Bye laws are very crucial to ensure orderly development of localities especially in urban areas like our city Bangalore.In Bangalore these laws are drawn up by different bodies like BBMP , BDA , BMICP , BIAPPA and for high Rise Fire and environmental and pollution control byelaws also come into picture.

If I begin to elaborate it might become too technical and boring. so I will touch upon this subject very briefly in the below mentioned bullet points .
If anyone has specific questions do write to me on

1.       The width and extent of the open space depends upon the height of the structure for better ventilation and circulation and to avoid haphazard growth

2.       The height of the building is fixed as per the zone in which it is built as well as the road widths  , Tip to home buyers specially penthouses and last floors , to check for violation check the abutting road width if it is below 12 m then the building height cannot be more than 15 m in Bangalore . there are exceptions considering future development notified roads and metro area but get a confirmation from your building / seller

3.       High rise in blore is anything above 15m , yes it sounds ridiculous but Bangalore can handle horizontal development and that’s why its not 24 m like many other cities in the world.  Ensure adequate firefighting provisions are provided in high rise buildings before buying apartments or office space .

4.       Different type of developments have different type of bye laws so insist on seeing sanctioned dwg before buying any space .If you are going to buy ready to occupy or a fully functional property insist on occupation certificate issued by the concerned government body.

5.       One important thing I would like to mention here , Many apartment builders claim to give you large open spaces specially for high rise apartments ( Above G +4) mostly because Ground coverage is a important governing factor and trust me they are doing you no favour by reducing their construction area .

6. Many others claim to  care for earth and you and offer waste management systems and recycle waste and water but again that is also a mandatory requirement based on the built up area of the project .

7. If a seller claims to have all sanctions and No objection certificates ask them which are they .
They should mention all or some of the mentioned here - BBMP /BDA (city / town planning authority  ) , MOEF (Environment), FIRE , BWSSB(Water & Sewarage) , BESCOM(electricity) , KSPCB(pollution control), CC(commencement certificate) & OC (occupation certificate).

8. Have you wondered why you see more high riseand dense  buildings in MG road or along where metros are planned ?
 ever wondered why you see more mixed development(residential , commercial , retail) in jayanagar or kormangala or Indiranagar ?
wondered why peenya and bomanahalli have more industries both small and medium scale ?
Do you think all this is unplanned ? No its not!
 lot of experts , architects , planners get together to form bye laws and do the zoning for the cities .
MG road and Majestic area are central business districts
jayanagar or kormangala or Indiranagar are self sustaining secondary business districts
Peenya and bomanahalli come under mutation corridors and fall under industrial zones .
Note : for all you unaware people architects don’t choose just a color of your walls or do a vaastu plan for you . we are important for your city , your locality and even your home .

And any prospective buyer in blore feel free to write to this architect if you would like to ask any specific queries related to Bangalore bye laws .
We are here to help you in a express without  you having to find it on your own slowly as if you are on a local .
Hope I didn’t bore you too much with B for Building Bye laws .

Next up on the blog is C for construction :-)

Stay Tuned 

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