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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cook it yourself - 02 - Something Sizzler


If  you ask  me what is the recipe I would say something!

Super excited to share this with you guys.
Lets get straight into the recipe or per say what made us try this at home of all the recipes.

The story goes like this …
It was the first Wednesday of 2016 and I hate Wednesday  .too much into the week yet far from the weekend and obviously made me not wanna  cook and the flashing KFC Wednesday offer made  me order a bucket with 10 pc chicken for only 350 Rs and let me tell you this was the first time I was eating KFC bucket and to my horror ugly looking shapeless big  tasteless pieces of chicken arrived nothing like the yummy wings
Nothing else to eat so  two of us managed to eat 4 pieces with difficulty. We were left with 6 pieces and no heart to throw them away so ended up stashing it into the fridge halfheartedly for future use since i hate  wasting food.
Then began my googling  on how to reuse the KFC chicken .. but found no recipe on how to reuse leftover KFC fried chicken .
We thought of chicken fried rice , chicken masala , soup but everything seemed like it would be a disaster
Then the  next evening  had a  eureka moment and the dinner menu was set ..
fried chicken sizzler it was!

Now lets get into the Step By step instructions :
It does take a bit of time so a helping hand to cut veggies would help .
The amount of things to be done might seem overwhelming but its not time consuming so all good .
1. Boil rice  and keep it aside to cool down

2. Also pressure cook a potato in the same cooker, just place it in a cup fill it with water and cook rice in the same cooker so you end up saving time and one medium size potato is all you need .

3. Sautéed veggies – heat very little butter(quarter tea spoon) and oil(half tea spoon) , then add quarter spoon garlic and finely chopped onions, once it browns add little ginger garlic paste and leftover dominos/ pizza hut chiliflakes and oregano .

Then add the veggies like long cut carrot , beans , green peas , broccoli and mushrooms . don’t over boil it keep it crunchy and make sure its lightly spiced .

4.Then sauté the rice just like the veggies , however I added some curry leaves and jeera too

5.  Simultaneously on a tawa char a tomato and onion slices

6.  While the tomatoes and onion is getting charred start mashing the potato with little cheese, milk , chilli flakes and oregano , just make sure its very mildy spiced

7.   Now comes the leftover kfc chicken for which this whole Ramayan is cooking up in your kitchen . Tear them into pieces , now sauté it in a pan without adding oil but add some chilli flakes or cut dry red chilies and add it to the chicken pieces . Make sure you fry it till it roasts and turns crisp .

8. While KFC chicken is getting roasted start making your sizzler sauce .

9.  Add little butter in that fry very little garlic and onions ,then chilli flakes and oregano . Now add one tea spoon maida and roast it . To this  add whatever sauces are  available at home . I had chilli tomato sauce and salsa dip . Add water to this mixture and bring it to boil finally add quarter of a cube cheese.

10.Soon after take out your largest diameter  tawa heat it on high flame then place cabbage or lettuce leaves on a over heating tawa , decorate all the sautéd items like its done in a restaurant served sizzler .

11.Now sprinkle the sizzler sauce you made , the tawa will steam up , now take it to the dining table and enjoy the sizzler out of your tawa ..

It will surely turn out yummy  and Instagram worthy.

Left over KFC bucket led to this something new home made sizzler and it turned out fun to make and eat it too ..

Go ahead try it out don’t waste leftovers specially KFC . this sizzler is worth cooking it yourself 

Till the next time

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