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Sunday, December 13, 2015

All that Glitters is not Gold

All that glitters is not gold” saying   must have been heard by all right ?
It really does apply  perfectly for pvr gold movie tickets .dont you agree .
Everest movie had just released, we thought imax would really give great movie experience so we tried to book though tickets are so expensive on weekends in Bangalore and like most times it was almost booked !
Then we thought let us try gold class and kormangala gold class was 990 rs , kidding me 1000 for a one and half hr movie .
By the time we could decide what to do  and where to go for movie it was almost Sunday noon and most places were booked , finally we thought we will try gold seats in phoenix pvr , the ticket was 550 . We knew it will be different from full gold class movie hall but at 550 rs it couldn’t have been normal .
But we decided to go anyway since we had never tried pvr gold class
Well we were in for serious disappointment , it was beyond disappointment after spending 550 rs on one ticket .
  1. 1.      The seats are not meant to be there , our corner seats was beyond the vision cone of the screen so we could see mostly the side walls specially the corner most seat if sitting straight more of the side walls is seen then the screen . It was placed where the corridor is since it’s the last row  !what pvr has done out of greediness !
  2. 2.       Between our seats it was not clean , it was really disgusting and dirty , check the picture , this was between our seats
  3. 3.       We asked for and paid for caramel popcorn but it hardly had any caramel
  4. 4.       The seats were so uncomfortable that it gave us back pain, if we made it fully inclined are legs were hanging in front of the screen so we could not incline our seats much also  
This is the great pvr gold class experience we had ! it was not even worth the artifical gold price .

And did you people know Bangalore movie tickets cost the most !
Go to pvr website and check chennai or  Hyderabad and check on their website even gold class is 150 rs , there are tickets for Rs 10 also .
Then why in Bangalore even if 550 rs is charged for the shittiest experience we  keep quite and give them full house.
Why is our government not regulation movie ticket pricing or taxi or even auto pricing for that matter! why are we being reticent Bangalore .
why are we wasting our hard earned money on bad experiences
Voice your concerns !
Pen can be mightier than the swords .. lets remember all that glitters is not gold and if we pay for gold we better get gold !

Write to us your experiences , lets find a way to get rid of such menace in our city . Stop being reticent blore start reacting

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 Much Love

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