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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Its Cool to Carpool

Hey Folks!

We have begin to hate Bangalore more than love it lately !
yes you heard it right .
Never ending problems and never ending rants ! But what are we doing to solve it ?
You must have heard of the saying " Be the change you want to see in the world "
Lets be that change .
Our personal opinion: Carpooling is the  solution to many problems in Bangalore .

This is  how it works
You share a ride and you save money and also your car stays relatively new
You share a ride and amount of cars & Bikes reduce on the road which in turn saves your time to reach your destination .
The lesser no of vehicles on road lesser the traffic on roads which in turn reduces the wear & tear of the roads which means lesser pot holes.
Lesser potholes lesser accidents and lesser frustration for commuters
Sharing is truly caring for the earth and your city because lesser non renewable energy is wasted , when there is less demand the prices also fall ..again you save money
City traffic jams reduces ,noise and air  pollution reduces
 and your days get better and better .
Not just that long rides to work and back can be fun when you have company , who knows you might find friends to hangout on weekend too instead of just carpooling   on weekdays.

Now don't you think its Cool to Carpool ?
Ok Ok enough of gyan , now lets get practical .

1. Public Transport : Too much rush and not convenient since you cant reach your exact destination .
Try to take it whenever you are in no hurry or on days you wanna realise how lucky you are to be able to afford auto or a car , Walk a little bit to your destination and your exercise quota is done for the day

2. Autos : Oh man i could kill  most of them . Government & Police really need to take auto complaints seriously and get them in order in Bangalore.
This is best avoided for regular use , However when inevitable just take the lead and ask the person standing next to you waiting for a auto if they are travelling in the same route so you can share a ride and save some money .

3. City Cabs: Ola / Taxi for sure / Uber - Looters i tell you . Ridiculous surge prices and most times they call it Peak times. Why is Government not doing nyhting to regulate this ! why Delhi and Mumbai you don't see the commoner getting looted so bad .
What you do is keep a lookout for Discounts from these taxi services and book 5 mins before peak time starts so the double charges wont apply for you .

Also they have begin to understand what carpooling can do so Ola and Uber have started share ride option . when ever we tried it we were alone in the cab and still charged a minimal amount which is great for the looting them did .
But sharing with unknown people is a bit scary and risky so use the share option if you have a company or no one is sharing a ride with you .

4. Carpooling / Bike Pooling - This could be the best option but a little effort is required from your side to find people you know to tag along with you. But its worth the effort . Even if you can share a ride half way its great , Take a auto from there .
If you get lucky you might find people traveling to same place so you can alternate who gets their car so you don't have to drive everyday to work and be all tired and frustrated when you reach work or home . wont that be great .

Now coming to carpooling with strangers we have never tried the carpooling services coming up in the city also because we are a little skeptical about safety . But all you brave boys and girls can give it a try . Google it and you will find tons of such services  .
Do let us know you experience.

The Carpooling services we have heard the most are
Commute easy , carpool circle , carpool by Meru , Bla bla car and Ride share.

Its cool to carpool People !
Most cars we see on the road have just the driver or another person in it . Fill up one car and you can help remove 3 cars from the road .

Sharing is caring Bloreans .

Until Next time
Much Love ,

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