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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fashion Finds - 01 - Creme de Le Creme

In recent times Bangalore fashion scene has grown leaps and bounds .
With a lot of international brands preferring to set up shop in Bangalore .

We at BANGALOREexpress love the brands but also  our local markets as much .
So we have decided to kick start the series Fashion Finds which will be 1 or 2  post for every month

Calling all the fashion conscious to send in your selfies & groupies with your fashion pick or some look you have put together or it can even be some awesome deal you got here in bangalore !
Send it to us on and get featured J

For the month of Oct :
Rain rain go away
Sale Sale where are they
Heat is on its way
So we wear white & sway
& feel Creme de la creme all the way :-)

Rains have reduced, Sales are no where to be seen except of course the online retailers , but again they declare sale almost other everyday . then Sudden burst of heat in blore just before winters hit us .
So  Our oct fashion finds is all about whites, creams & nudes but only in accessories coz we are not going all out summery .
But the weather is allowing us to buy  whites & creams and flaunt it without getting it dirty in the rains .

Pearl Neckpiece
It only costed me 110 rs J While you walking on the road sides keep your eyes open u will see banjaras selling junk jewellery and be sure to bargain well
See how i dressed up my office wear for an after work dinner .  However u can flaunt it at work too
Make sure you don’t buy a piece which is too blingy that people are distracted by it !

Cream shoes
Open toes is forever in ! whats say?
Costed me  910 rs . Actual price 1300 rs .but few shoes were on discount in Max. so grabbed it
Small heel so very comfy for office wear , we highly recommend this kind of shoes . It works for formal & informal wear .

 This collage shows some looks we have put together to dress up your office wear for after office fun using your Nudes accessories  Trust me weekends are never enough . Spruce up your weekdays & have fun

Bring out your carefully locked in nudes & dress up .
Feel creme de la creme :-)

Till the next time
Stay fun stay fashionable Say connected J


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