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Friday, September 26, 2014

Bangalored 01 - Home is where the Heart is

01 - Home is where the heart is
From living for years in vijaynagar & jayanagar then moving to murgeshpalya, old airport road one cant help but be skeptical ,but everything is fair in love and war they say and in my case it was all for love ,no not the love for airplanes or airports(it’s a different thing that I have always had a lot of fascination  for airplanes & airports)

You see both Vijaynagar & jayanagar top the list of beautiful residential localities in namma bengaluru, with generous number of parks , beautiful tree lined stretches of  roads, the  local blore eateries  & unexpected rainfall( yes  rains seem so much more beautiful there and no arguments please ;-) )and all of it topped with a quintessential old Bangalore air to it.

But when ever  the thought of moving to murgeshpalya ,old airport road came to my mind all that would come to mind is palya like murgeshpalya, kamakshipalya so on and so forth palyas in Bangalore which somehow associate  my  brain to haphazard developments , vast stretches of concrete blocks with almost nil green spaces and my past commute in Volvo bus from vijaynagar to whitefield via old airport road .
Not a great stretch of road to travel on specially if you are trying to get to and from work , crazy traffic I tell you!!
Since the aiport moved to the new place once well maintained old airport road had changed for the worse.

On this Sunday night while returning from Jayanagar to my new home on old airport road ,I was in for a surprise .Seemed like the civic authorities went on a overdrive to fix the road. Much later did I get to know it was Modi effect,apparently Modi’s convoy was to take old airport road on Wednesday.
How I wish Modi could also travel a few kilometers to different parts of the city with bad roads & no green spaces.
Better luck next time eh!

Well back to my Palya Its been around 3 months at not so old airport road  and I cant say I am all thrilled to be living here or that I don’t miss watching trees  laden fully with colourfull flowers or taking walks in the little parks near my home when its drizzling but as its said home is where the heart is &  my heart is right here but inside my new home .
so to make up for the missing Jakarandas, may flowers & local filter kaffee shop I am trying to pick up gardening in my little balcony & make my own coffee but the  bonus is I get to see a airplane almost every hour , sometimes even light combat aircrafts in practice!! How about that huh… considering my fascination for aircrafts, its awesome & no kidding each time I hear the aircraft sounds I run to my upcoming terrace garden to watch the planes fly by .
That reminds me my first attempt at growing flowering plant is not doing too great .
Can anyone tell me which flower is it in the below picture.i know  how silly of me !before buying the seedling I didn’t ask which flowering plant it was …my first attempt and excitement numbed my brains you see
 I need to go to google goddess as soon as possible and make my little plant happy again !!

Till then
Stay Bangalored Stay Happy
Much love

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