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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Go Nuts over Ground Nuts! Kadlekai Parishe(Groundnut Fair) is here

It's back  ! Yes the century old groundnut fair , KADLEKAI PARISHE is back !
Although the fair is on Monday and Tuesday, the vendors will extend their business for a few more days.
So People Go Nuts over Groundnuts:-)
A little bit about 'Kadlekai Parishe'
 Its an annual groundnut fair held in Bangalore. This is a two day fair  held near the Dodda Ganesha Temple in Basavanagudi. Apart from the Groundnuts, there are numerous stalls in the fair, selling Bangles, traditional toys and clay trinkets, plastic and glass dolls, Mehndi tattoos. There are a variety of food items, such as BajjiBondaBatthaas (Coloured sugar candies), Kalyana seve or Bendu (Sugar coated gram) and Coloured sodas on sale during the fair.
The pavements on Bull Temple Road from Ramakrishna Math Circle to Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs, Bugle Rock Road, Mount Joy Road, Karanji Anjaneya Temple Road and a few adjacent roads are being occupied by vendors selling items other than just groundnuts such as puffed rice, colourful sugar candies, household articles, fancy articles and decorative items.

Kadalekai Parishe, is a Kannada word, which literally translates to Groundnut fair
 Bangalore is filled up with interesting lores ! The one on the groundnut fair is quite interesting. Read on ...
In the past, Basavanagudi was surrounded by places like GuttahalliMavalliDasarahalli and other places where groundnut was cultivated. On every full moon day a bull would charge into the groundnut fields and damage the crop. The farmers then offered prayers to Basava (Nandi) to stop this and pledged to offer their first crop.
Subsequently, an Idol of Basava was found close by. It has been said that, the Idol was growing rapidly, and the farmers nailed an iron peg on the head of the idol, which is visible in the form of a trishula even to this date. Later in the year 1537, Kempe Gowda, dedicated a temple to ‘Dodda Basava’ on top of the Basavanagudi hillock and installed the Idol. This temple is known as Bull Temple. Ever since, the farmers from surrounding villages come here every year and offer their annual harvest of groundnut as offering to Lord Basava.This is accompanied by the annual fair, which is known as the Kadlekai Parishe.

This gives you a good reason to also go visit the Dodda Basava Temple (Bull Temple).
Not everyday can you get nutty.!
Go nuts over Groundnuts people:-)

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Much love

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