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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bangalore Rounds-Merry go round Bangalore city :-)

Here we go round the bangalore city ..bangalore city bangalore city so early in the morning :-)

Heard of Bangalore Rounds?

Do not fear bangalorexpress is here;-)
This one is specially for the people who have recenly moved to bangalore city for work 
and obviously u must be put up close to your workplace in one of the corners of the city with lots of Offices!

May be couple of months passed by ...
you are getting used to the new work place ...
new room/house
Diff ..& what not

Now suddenly during weekends you have begin to i really living in bangalore ? why do i see only offices & expensive restuarants around me ? am i missing something ?

well you obviously cant move to the residentials hubs inside the city for convinience reasons.
But what you can do to feel & get the sense of the city ..more like a trailer  is hop on to bangalore rounds !

When i was in Kaula Lumpur  for a seminar i would have mornings all to myself 
obviously i could not return to india without seeing atleast bits & pieces of Kuala Lumpur..

So i hoped on the Hop in hop outservice of the city & went round the city & only got down at places i wanted to spend more time was quickest & fastest way to explore the city in two days.

So hop on to the Bangalore rounds initiative by the state government !
For the benefit of tourists, BMTC is operating a special type of service called ‘Bangalore Rounds’ daily, exclusively for those interested to visit important historical/tourist places in Bangalore.
Total Route Length: 50.5 kms                                                           
Timings: 09:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs  (Reporting time 08:45 hrs).            
32 Seats Silver Class : Adults-Rs. 250/-, Child-Rs. 200/-(4-8 years)
3 Seats Gold Class (Luxury seats): Adults-Rs.350/-, Child- Rs. 275/-
 Time Table of Bangalore Rounds
Sl. NoPlace of VisitTime of VisitStart time
1Kempegowda Bus Station09:00 
2ISKON temple09:3010:05
Vidhanasoudha/ Karnataka High Court via CET Cell,
PUC Board, Sanky Tank, Chowdaiah Memorial Hall,
Commissioner Office , VIP Roads.
4Tippu Palace11:2011:35
5Gavi Gangadareshwara Temple12:0012:15
6Bull Temple12:2512:45
LUNCH BREAK at Lalbagh west Gate for 30 min from 13:00 hrs to 13:30 hrs at Hotel Kamath
8Karnataka Silk Emporium14:3515:10
9M G Road     Pass  By
10Ulsoor Lake15:3015:35
Museum via Chinnaswamy Stadium
Art Gallery
Cubbon Park


14Kempegowda Bus Station18:00End

For Further details visit -

We have to say this does not cover lot of things..but will definetly give u a trailer .

so Go round  Bangalore city i say;-)

Happy goin round & round...
Stay Tuned to your very own bangalorexpress :-)

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