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Friday, February 8, 2013

Spring is here!In bangalore its the Season  to really look forward to .
Only If all is well with the weather god , The flowering trees  begin to shed dry leaves & start flowering & areseen  in full bloom in summer.    Spring in bangalore is not too prominent,It can even be hit & miss unless  you stop for a second ,take a moment look out of the window with a cup of filter coffee in your hand then for sure U will start noticing the city is turning colour full slowly .
This is also the time when morning chills reduce & the afternoon sun is mild .The difference in max to min temperature reduces.

Dont you think there is No better time for bangalorexpress to explore the less explored parts of the city?
Bangalore unlike many other places in india does not have too many historical or leisure places to visit.
So the culture of 'lazing on weekends in restaurants ' has become inevitable though the hole in the pocket gets only bigger by the weekend
Even got some comments & questions if bangalorexpress is turning into a food review blog:-( sad no ?
This & spring gives bangalorexpress all the more reasons to go explore the less explored.
Cant wait:-) Watch this space for more.
Do write in( if you have been wanting to go somewhere but cant make up your mind unless you read reviews about it. bangalorexpress  is here to help:-)

Till then.
Stop.See.Smell.... Coz spring is hear to spread some joy & make you smile.

Much Love,

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