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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Explore the less explored b'lore- 01 Picnic @ The Planetarium

Explore the less explored b'lore- 01
Picnic @ The Planetarium

When you were a child wasn't just the idea of planetarium thrilling ?if you did get a chance to visit one did you not come out dreamy eyed and wanting to be a astronaut?  Before the society , family and your extended family asked you if you wanna grow up and become a doctor or engineer making you worry anything else would sabotage your career .
I was one of those, planetariums , star gazing and the outer space fascinated me .
Over a period of time things changed . I  grew up , forgot that there even existed a planetarium in Bangalore .
(P.S: i did not turn out to be a engineer or a doctor! i became an architect by accident. Well that does not make me worry any less about my career)
Anyway recently when I decided enough of the mall and 'no reason to be expensive restaurants culture' of Bangalore .

I thought hard what is it that would be worth spending your weekend at without burning a hole in your pocket
The child in me sprung up and said you gotto check out the planetarium!.
I didn't even remember if blore had one . I immediately went to the google goddess :-) and here I am sitting in the Jawaharlal planetarium park on a Sunday afternoon waiting for the ticket booth to open .

I am real excited . And hey you know y I said Picnic @ The Planetarium .
I never expected any crowd and walked in at 1.15 for a 1.30 show and guess what tickets were sold out .
Now waiting for the repeat which is in Kannada .'Dawn of the space ages' is a full dome show with limited seats and visual effects so I bet it will be totally worth it .
My mum, sis and me are picnicking in the park sitting under the shade of a tree and eating ice candy and waiting for the 2.30 pm show .
Will return and tell u guys more bout my experience .
Till then let the child in you come out and play . Go explore the less explored like there is no other day!

Back from the show - Dawn of the space age.
What a show . A must watch .
Amazing visual effects .
Imagine 35 bucks and you get a show like that . It's more than the money s worth.
Presently this show is running at 1.30 in English and 2.30 in Kannada
My expenditure
80 + 80 - 160 rs auto
35 - ticket
10 rs - ice candy
5 rs - checked my weight on all planets and I am moving to Venus lol . I am perfect weight on that planet .lol .No wonder women are from Venus
& ofcourse Shade , noise free ,clean park -  for free

Totally worth exploring this one .
Hats of to jawaharlal nehru planeterium & the people in charge. Impressed by the well organised & well maintained planeterium!
For any details , feel free to get in touch on ,
Also check out website for more details

Let Bangalore beat in your heart .
Much Love
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