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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

High Five 2012

Hi fi to the coming new year!!!
Lets explore the unexplored this time around ,but  2012 mostly went restaurant hoping coz not much to do in b'lore  if you just wanna laze around.
So here you go ... top 5 restaurants from 2012 that i got a taste of.
Comments and suggestions are more than will help me create another hi five list  and also go taste some of them ;-)
 * top spot took me a while to decide as i really liked two places  but wasn’t sure if its the food that should be the most important criteria or the combination of food,ambience so on and so forth.
Finally i have made my decision ..soooooo the top spot goes toooooooo
 1) THE 13TH FLOOR – ON THE EDGE – (Lounge bar & restaurant)
I have been in Bangalore for quite sometime now ,and have been to m.g road countless times ,passed by the 13 floor tall kian building also famously called barton centre several times but never knew there was a al-fresco restaurant on the 13th floor.
I stumbled on it sometime in 2011, and one evening made plans to go there.
As per my knowledge there are two restaurants there one is ebony and another On the edge .
  • On the edge  seemed real nice firstly for the catchy name ,
  • secondly i could see candles lit on the looked beautiful from outside , i wondered what it felt like inside as i had never  been before for a candle lit dinner.
  • The interiors was simple and had the right choice of colors that made me feel good.
  • I choosed the high stool seating looking  out – i tell u what an amazing view..never seen Bangalore from this height and there i was even enjoying the lights   from the cars in traffic on mg road.Change of prespective and suddenly the world is a better place to live in. Aint it?Once a while going to such places is great for the soul ,even if u cant afford it in your monthly budget.
  • This place was a mediterenian restaurant …hmm that was new for me !but i knew that Mediterranean and Indian food have a lot in common.Sorry i wont be able to name the food i ate that day .. as  mostly i choosed it by the explanation in the menu under each option. We took two starters one was a veg and another fish starter. I really liked  the fish and the dip it was real good, veg starter was alright but it was too bland for me. And we ordered strawberry and kiwi margeritta ..i don’t really drink but i always try new things.. strawberry margarita was not fresh fruit so it did not fair that was better as it had fresh kiwi in it.  by the time we could order main course i was almost full so we just ordered one fish sizzler platter it was delicate in flavours but i still enjoyed it. soon it was time for desserts and no matter how much you eat there is always place for dessert right. I ordered for Newyork classic cheese cake and my friend ordered  chocolate rum cake. Dessert was a slight disaapointment after the good food. Never the less the ambience and the service made up for it.
 High five summary
1) High on ambience 2) Good service 3)Great view from the 13 th floor 4) Good starters 5)Good interiors
 Low five summary
1)Slightly overpriced 2) dessert was a little disappointing 3) few iteams on the menu were not available.4) Few of the seating was low lying and did not get much view of the outside
2) TASCANO- pizzeara. Bar . restaurant
 I have been to ub city mall food court several times but never noticed tascano , tascano is also located in forum value mall, whitefield. One Friday i was meeting a friend for lunch so we went to forum value mall and found this place there so decided to try it out .
 As soon as we entered it had an old world very English charm to it. we choosed a table for two close to the bar. Wine bottles on display looked beautiful.

  • Service is great here. We were immediately attended to with bright smiles and ready to help attitude.
  • The best part was while we waited to get the food we ordered there was this small complimentary plate with some bread and two types of spread. The moment i tried it felt heavenly it was so simple but was great to taste. By the time our pizza and risotto had arrived we had eaten all the 4 small pieces of bread with the amazing dip they gave us. The pizza was authentic wood oven was thin crust ,slightly different flavours ( not completely indianised) and felt like i was transported to tascany . Then arrived the risotto…one spoon ful into my mouth and i had declared it the best Italian restaurant i have ever eaten. It was the best risotta i had ever tasted ..everything else that i had eaten so far always tasted like pulov or biryani. We had over ordered and we were so full that i did not order for desserts. But i had to go back to office and work so ordered cappuccino…and trust me what a cappuccino that was….the best so far in my life…and the taste still lingers in my mouth
 High five
1) Best risotto i have ever eaten 2) Best capppucino so far of my life 3)Very good service 4)Nice gesture by keeping a complimentary plate of bread while we waited for our food.
5) Various bread and cheese types can be bought here.
   Low five
The only reason this has made it to the second spot is for my personal reasons if it was about the food only then this has been the best till date. But i made the list considering how it made me feel while i was there and after.. and the ambience matters a lot to me….the architect in me works that way
To be fare i should visit this place in the evening once again this year and give a detailed review of my experience.

3) Little Italy:
Homely Setting, Another Pizza Place..Was Not Very Lively Though It Was On The 100ft Indranagar Road Side.I Love Italian Food So I Tend To Visit Such Places.

Getting Straight To High Five
1) Good Wood Burned Pizza
2) It Was Quite ,Nice Place To Relax ,Eat Some Pizza And Brush Through A Book U Just Bought ..May Be
3) Garlic Bread Was Nice

Low Five
1) The Menu Was Overpriced ,Though Nothing Much Was Done To Create A Nice Ambience Which Would Deserve Such A Pricing
2) The Mocktail I Ordered Was Pretty Bad
3) Dessert Options Were Usual , Nothing New Or Special
  4) Legacy Of Punjab
 Has Made It To The List For The Nice Punjabi Dabha Sort Of A Setting And The Lil Punjabi Jig The Workers Do At Certain Time.
 High Five
1) Yummy Lassi – Malai Mar Ke !
2) Grilled Panner Starter Was The Best Panner I Have Eaten Till Date
3) Bar looked like A Daru Stall On The Highway To Punjab Or Something. Interiors With The Daru Stall, Old Hindi Movie Posters,Low Seating And The Olden Days Kadai S And Vessels was interesting
4) The Lilttle Punjabi shiggy wiggy By The Staff Was A Good Add On.
 Low Five
1)The Chicken Side Dish For Roti And Nan Was Heavy..It Was Hard To Finish May Be Because They Used Ghee For Garnish
2)Hardly 1 Or 2 Option For Desserts.
3) Service Was Little Too Much..Lol The Guy Would Keep Waiting On Us..It Was Sort Of Annoying to have Someone  Looking down on my  Plate
 5)Cafe Noir,Ub City Mall                                                                                                                            High five
1) cafe noir got lucky with the place it is situated ,the ambience comes free there,its in the ub city foodcourt which is on the 4 th floor ,that is the open terrace of the ub city podium with lot of restaurants and cafe s almost feels   like you are sitting by the cafe s lining the cobbled stone pathways and roads in paris .
2) i ordered for egg quiche and my friend ordered for pinot gris (white wine) and olives and mushrom with pita bread .quiche was nice but very bland but the ambience and the people just made up for it to some extent .
3)Then i ordered for smoked salmon sandwich with french fries and ceaser salad and as usual capuccino to sip on.salmon was was very thin slice and had a nice smoked after taste. The noir special coffee made up for the bland food.
 Low five
1) Ambience of the whole place with lot of small cafe s and restaurants under the stars create a nice ambience..good for a sunday relaxed brunch., as the ambience comes free not much has been done by cafe noir
2) The chairs were dam uneasy i had to bend forward to eat.
3) The food was bland and on top of it hardly had any salt in it.
4) The owner of the place made it a point to talk to his guests ,but seemed like he was choosing whom to talk to..he talked to the foreigners and old men with families who looked rich..but he just walked past us youngsters who probably have less money in the wallet but he forgot we have a bigger mouth ..and word of mouth surely spreads.
5) Service was pretty bad.
 Lol, trust me my blog is not a food blog but b'lore is flooding with restaurants so you end up trying out places Will be back soon with  A List of lousy Restaurants..
Do write to me about places you liked or hated in bangalore
 Signing off with Bangalore Beats in my heart.

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