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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Break - Fast @ Bangalore

 Break – Fast @ Bangalore

Be it that dollop of melting butter on a crisp Masala dosa, hot vadas dunked in tangy sambhar  or the more filling bisi bele bath , puliyogare and chitranna . Bangalore sure has so many delectable vegetarian treats  for the palate to indulge in.I can easily say that our state has the most diverse regional cuisine in terms of sheer variety.
Be it the mangalorean treats (too many to name), mallige idlis and dosas from mysore ,davanagere benne dosa(Butter Dosa) ,Ragi mudde & saru(raji balls & curry) from rural Bangalore, Coorgi pandi curry and akki kadabu and yummiest seafood from karavali( uttara kannada & dakshin kannda districts) ...the list just goes on. Justice cant be done to the regional cuisines of karnataka unless i atleast  put one post for each type.
I can guarantee you that there is no better breakfast options available in any other city.If you are in this city even for half a day make sure you have breakfast & hot piping filter coffee on a cold & chilly morning. Trust me Monday blues will catch the next train and be out of your way and you sure will have a great day!

Best 5 Breakfast  @ Bangalore( Sorry cant help but give you a biased opinionJ.though not completely my top favourites but my tongue & the memories of great breakfasts in Bangalore sure has influenzed this list)

1) Flower like idllis & Uddina Vada  ,coconut  chutney & strong filter coffee..slurp slurp cant help it mouth is watering

2) Different types of Dosa – Be it fluffy set Dosa , onion dosa , plain dosa and so on .But topping the list is Masala Dosa .Its the one dish which is singularly popular and has put karnataka on the world map.

3) Third has to be akki rotti and different types of chutneys ..yummy!

4) Chitranna (Lemon rice & chatambade, thats how we call it in the coastal regions of Karnataka . its the daal vada which is flat)

5) Chow chow , lol trust me its not a Chinese dish . Its pulpy upma and kesari bath or as we call it ksheera (suji ka halwa)In b’lore its chow chow everywhere else its ksheera upittu.

After breakfast  for dessert do try pure ghee mysore pak and save your filter coffee for a last sip so that it lingers in your mouth long after breakfast making you eagerly wait for the  next day morning for another day of super breakfast @ Bangalore.

Happy Break – Fasting @ Bengaluru & feel free to contact Bangaloreexpress ( to find out which places to go break –fasting!

Till then wait for the next bangalorexpress to arrive and hop in or out as and when you like :-)

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